Acoustic Absorptive Barrier

This fencing system has been designed for areas where you do not wants the noice to bounce back to where it has come from. This system can be used around air conditioning units, heat source pumps and where you have large buildings opposite that the sound can bounce off.

Both of our Premier Acoustic Reflective and Premier Acoustic Highway barriers can be upgraded to the Absorptive system.

An absorptive layer covered with a protected membrane is incorporated on one side of the boards to further reduce noise by an average of 4dB. Premier Acoustic Fencing "Absorptive" barrier is ideal in applications where the screen is to be used to form a compound around a noise source or a noise source is surrounded with reflective surfaces such as high fencing and buildings

Premier Acoustic Fencing barrier certified laboratory results:
Rating according to BS EN 1793 - 2:1998
Category = B3
Laboratory sound reduction 32dB
Approximate Superficial Mass 33kg/m²

The timber posts used for most applications up to 4.0m high are a unique tuning fork design that traps the boards to provide continuous sound insulation. For barrier heights from 2.1m up to 4.0m the timber posts are reinforced with a 60mm square section galvanized steel spur, coated black which is attached to the back of the posts.

The Premier Acoustic system has been vigorously tested and developed to reach the high standards associated with all Premier Acoustic products.

It offers the additional advantages of: Lower labour requirements
Quicker build on site
More efficient storage and transport
Improved acoustic protection

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