Acoustic Highway Barrier

The Premier Acoustic Highway Barrier can be produced to almost any height, it uses galvanized steel I-beam posts for extra support. The thickness of the I-beam is dependent on the postcoded area and the project requirements.

This latest acoustic barrier system has been designed for Highways and Commercial applications, providing the same level of noise protection as the Premier Acoustic Reflective 25kg/m² barrier.

The Premier Acoustic Highway 'vee' boards are affixed to galvanized steel 'I'beam posts for additional strength and rigidity, meeting not only the stringent Highways Agency standards BSEN1794-1 and 2, but also prove ideal for application in exposed locations subject to high wind loading.

Premier Acoustic Fencing barrier certified laboratory results:
CE Marked if required
Rating according to BS EN 1793 - 2:1998
BS EN 1794-1:2003, Annex A,B,C & E
Designed in accordance with BS EN 1974-2:2003
Category = B3
Highway: Laboratory sound reduction 28dB - Superficial Mass 25kg/m²
Highway Absorptive: Laboratory sound reduction 32dB - Approximate Superficial Mass 33kg/m²

The Premier Acoustic Highway includes galvanized steel 'I'beam posts with nailing battens to be bolted to the front of the posts, 4.8m long interlocking 'vee' boards are then nailed and timber lock screwed to the front of the nailing battens, cover boards are required on every steel posted job, capping and counter rails are additional options.

The Premier Acoustic system has been vigorously tested and developed to reach the high standards associated with all Premier Acoustic products.

Posts may be baseplated or latticed depending on application.

If you require any further information or you would like a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01233 632967.